General haulage

The general freight haulage service of Bendigo business Big Hill Cranes is just one of the important transport options we make available for businesses to get their goods from one location to another. From local to interstate, single load to multiple loads, our Bendigo general freight haulage will assist with your transportation requirements.

Whether it is construction equipment, construction material or farming equipment, we can move your goods safely, efficiently and at an affordable price. We have highly skilled and experienced operators that can transport your property. No job is too small or too large. For the largest jobs, you can call on our heavy haulage service in Bendigo. We have a solution for all transportation situations.

Contact Big Hill Cranes  for more information on our general freight haulage services in Bendigo, and be assured your freight will arrive safely at its final destination.

For all enquiries about our crane and transport services please get in touch. Contact Us