About Big Hill Cranes

Big Hill Cranes is a locally-owned Bendigo business that offers clients throughout Central Victoria a thoroughly safe, professional and experienced crane hire service at competitive rates.

We pride ourselves on providing the invaluable service of one of the largest cranes available for hire in Central Victoria – the 220 tonne Liebherr crane. Previously, a crane of this size has only been available to hire from Melbourne, an expensive exercise, whereas now we offer a more convenient, timely and cost-effective option with our local hire.

The Liebherr LtM 1220.5.2 has a maximum load capacity of 220 tonne, a maximum height of 101m under hook and a maximum radius of 88m. This model is vital for many major work projects.

At Big Hill Cranes our cranes for hire service covers a huge range of industries and applications from mining and heavy equipment, precast and structural steel erection to all areas of domestic lifting.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, our in depth of knowledge and affordability. We ensure you are hiring; whether it is dry crane hire or wet crane hire, the best unit for you.

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Big Hill Cranes pride themselves on safety as being paramount in the company. The company is up to date with all the latest OHS issues...